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Serving Families of the North Shore

Why Run-A-Muck?


Our mission is to prepare children for the future while allowing them to behave as children.

Our Philosophy

At Run-A-Muck Child Care Centers, we understand that the children of today will guide the world of tomorrow.

Our goal is to prepare children for the future while allowing them to behave as children. We are here to help parents with this increasingly difficult task. As more families have two working parents, it’s clear that the role of child care is an issue of paramount importance .

At Run-A-Muck, we are committed to the challenge of nurturing our most important assets — our children. Our centers are equipped to care for children six weeks through pre-kindergarten. We provide full-service care based on  each child’s intrinsic learning styles.

Our goals are accomplished through meeting a child’s four basic needs:

  • Physical
  • Emotional/Psychological
  • Safety
  • Cognitive

Together with the family, we will formulate an individual child care plan that addresses those needs.

This plan is consistently incorporated into your child’s daily schedule at           Run-A-Muck, allowing him or her to develop socialization with peers.


Why Us?

We have pride ourselves on our high level of quality and continuity, including:

  • Little to no turnover rate with our teaching and administrative staff
  • A degreed teaching staff
  • All teachers are C.P.R and first aid certified
  • Trainings for teachers are required throughout the year specializing in Early Childhood/ Special Needs
  • An open room concept at our centers. Classrooms have four foot walls to allow for easy visibility and communication.
  • An evolving academic profile, ensuring full preparation for kindergarten
  • Open year round
  • School-wide family events
  • Parents are encouraged to visit (open door policy)
  • Safety measures are practiced on a routine basis
  • A secured entry system
  • Salem center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
  • Danvers center is in the process of NAEYC Accreditation
  • Individual nutritional needs are monitored closely

Learn Through Playing

  • Play is important for children of all ages to explore and discover new experiences that cannot be taught through structured curriculum.
  • Play gives children the ability to make their own choices based on their interests. Play allows children to be chefs, architects, artists, doctors, delivery people, teachers, parents… the possibilities are endless.
  • Children learn how to share, sportsmanship, communication skills and how to take turns.
  • Play is a child’s way to regroup and take time out for themselves in a comfortable safe environment.
  • Play is an important part of a child’s day and it is frequently undervalued. Play gives young children an opportunity to learn on their level with their peers.

Family Relationships

We believe that the relationship between teachers and families are based on a partnership. It is important for children to see the unity between home and school. Here’s how:

  • Keep lines of communication open with parents.
  • Inviting parents to spend playtime in the classroom.
  • Open door policy – Parents/guardians can visit anytime and visit for as long as they want.
  • Offering parents an opportunity to read a story to the class..
  • Parents sharing a talent or hobby with the class.
  • Parents volunteering to help at lunchtime.

Our History

Over twenty years ago, founder and president Lauren Romagnoli embarked on a new adventure. As a pediatric nurse practitioner working in the Boston Children’s Hospital Neurology Department, she envisioned a new environment to serve the needs of young children.  Wanting to provide a safe and nurturing child care experience for growing families, including her own, she founded               Run-A-Muck Child Care.